Learning Measurement 4 — Too Hot for Mortal Eyes?

To lead into the weekend, let me hot-wax poetic:

Measurement is like a magnetically alluring supermodel we might see across the room at a party. We want to stare and absorb every curve of muscle, every glowing inch of skin. Yet, our primordial core forces our eyes away, perhaps ashamed of our own imperfections, perhaps following some failed inner calculus of future possibilities. The apparition seems impossible to grasp, so we turn away. With another opportunity lost, learning measurement keeps its mystery, its danger, and its transcendent ability to lift our practices to their highest potential.

Add your comments to analyze the paragraph above. What do you think I’m trying to say about the state of learning measurement in our industry? About our reasons for failing in this regard? What am I missing? What am I saying about supermodels? Add your own purple prose, poetry, etc., using the comments function below.

Note: Both men and women can be supermodels.

This quote comes directly out of the eLearning Guild Report.

Measurement Series Continues on Monday…