Another Guru Sharing the Same Old Myth

And here’s another example of a well-respected industry analyst lazily sharing the biggest myth in the learning field. This time it’s from a Senior Industry Analyst with Forrester Research (October 19th, 2006). See recorded webinar.


Read my initial post describing how this myth got started, and how it harms our field and our learners.

The source of the offending PowerPoint slide claims the data as their own ("Source: Forrester Research"). Yeah, I guess if you find false information on the web, then change it around a little bit to help you make your point, that you ought to cite yourself. Is it plagiarism if you steal a lie?

Makes you wonder what other information Forrester has "researched."

To make it easier for the Forrester marketing and public relations folks to respond to this outing, I’ve developed a new logo for them. Instead of the name "Forrester" superimposed on the sea-green ellipsis, how about the following?


This constant myth-sharing should stop.

Do you think it would help if I started naming names? What about photographs? Email addresses?

Maybe sarcasm will work.