Storefront Learning Challenge

I hereby offer the following challenge—The Storefront Learning Challenge.

Here’s my first entry:

Title: Lifetime Transfer


Explanation: One of our goals in the learning and performance field is to enable transfer, to help our learners minimize forgetting so that they can remember what they’ve learned over a long long time.

Location: Union Square, Somerville, Massachusetts, US.

This contest has no rules except this one:

Try to capture in a storefront photograph, some insight, truth, or humorous notion regarding our field—the training, development, learning, performance, e-learning field(s). Give it a title, caption, and/or explanation if you like. Tell us the earth location of the storefront. In the comments section below, tell us about your photograph and give us a URL to access it. You might try a free photo service to post it if you don’t have a blog or website of your own.

Feel free to use video as well.