Review: Online Survey Software

I’ve been a big advocate for learning audits, evaluations, and surveys. To do any of these things well, you need to find a good online survey provider.

For truly sophisticated assessment software–with all the bells and whistles for doing psychometrically-sound learning assessments, the provider to check out is Questionmark, the clear market leader.

For online survey software, I’ve had great success with KeySurvey. When I tried some of the most well-known online survey instruments, they just didn’t have the power and sophistication to do what I wanted. I’ve been completely satisfied with the folks at KeySurvey. Not only is their online software sophisticated and reliable, but their offering is reasonably priced, and the customer-service is phenomenal. You actually get to talk to a real person when you’ve got technical questions. You can certainly check them out online, but if you have questions or want to sign up, contact Jim Hatcher through email or by phone at (817) 491-2450. He’s a great guy and always helpful. Tell him Will Thalheimer of Work-Learning Research sent ya.