Training Media Review

One of our primary goals at Work-Learning Research is to help learning-and-performance professionals improve their learning results. As part of this commitment to practitioners, we like to highlight the work of others who provide valid information with a high-integrity mindset.

One of the best examples of this high-value, high-integrity approach is TMR (Training Media Review), led by Bill Ellet, accompanied by his vast network of insightful professionals. TMR provides third-party reviews of training content, including reviews of e-learning courses, computer-based training, videos, books, training manuals, and more.

TMR is the exclusive provider of media reviews to t+d magazine, published by the American Society for Training and Development.

There are two things that I really like about TMR. The first is that the reviewers are all extremely experienced and well chosen to have the right background to make informed reviews. For example, Patti Shank—one of e-learning industry’s best thinkers—has recently completed a review of authoring-tool products. The second thing I really like about TMR is its mission to provide trusted information. This focus comes from Bill Ellet’s personal insistence that reviews be non-biased and that the information be valid and informative. TMR observes a strict no-conflict-of-interest policy. TMR receives no commissions when it reviews products. Vendors are never charged a fee for getting their products reviewed. TMR reviewers are not allowed to serve as consultants to companies whose products they review.

Those of you experienced in the industry know that many of the reviews produced in the marketplace and awards programs require applicants to pay a fee, biasing the results. What’s worse is that awards always seem to go to programs with sizzle and no substance. Just because a program gets a gold medal in some well-known industry award contest, doesn’t mean it is any good.

TMR separates itself from these pretenders by keeping strict standards and using great reviewers. By being a beacon of value, TMR shines a light for organizations seeking off-the-shelf training media and related products.

In addition to its reviews, TMR also offers discounts to subscribing members on all sorts of great stuff, including books, environmentally-friendly training products, software, and more.

Contact Information for Training Media Review is available at their website.